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Our By-Laws may be viewed here  By-Laws, Revised April 2019 or below:

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West Springfield High School Athletic Booster Club

6100 Rolling Road

Springfield, VA  22152


By-laws April 1972

Revised May 1996

Revised March 2015

Revised April 2019

Article I Name

The name of this voluntary and nonprofit organization shall be the West Springfield High School Spartan Booster Club, hereafter referred to as the "Spartan Booster Club".

Article II Purpose

Section 1: The purposes of the Spartan Booster Club are to:

  1. To foster the highest standards of citizenship in the community by encouraging the growth and development of all athletic activities of West Springfield High School; To promote, assist and support the Director of Student Activities (DSA);
  2. To stimulate and guide community interest in, and support of, the school and its programmed athletic activities;    
  3. To provide additional funds needed to operate the athletic program at West Springfield High School above and beyond the stipend received from Fairfax County Public Schools;
  4. To improve the overall quality of the athletic program;
  5. To work cooperatively with the other organizations and groups that support and enhance the West Springfield High School community to include the Parent Teacher Student Association, Band Boosters, Choir Boosters, Guitar Boosters, The Touchdown Club Boosters LTD., and Theatre Arts Patrons;
  6. To promote school spirit and sportsmanship throughout the West Springfield community;
  7. To generally strive to ensure that every student--athlete and spectator has a positive experience.

Section 2: The purposes of the Spartan Booster Club are achieved through committees, projects, special programs and events and that are governed and qualified by the basic policies set forth in these by-laws.

Section 3: The Spartan Booster Club is organized exclusively as a Non-Profit organization for the educational purposes under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Article III Membership

Section 1: The membership of the Spartan Booster Club shall be open to all parents and/or guardians of students, teachers, staff, administrators, and patrons, both present and past, and all other persons having an interest in the athletic programs of West Springfield High School. All memberships shall be good for up to one academic year.

Section 2: Members shall be eligible to participate in the Spartan Booster Club meetings, elect the members of the Board of Directors and serve in any of the appointive or elective positions of the organization.

Section 3:  It is strongly encouraged that at a minimum each athletic team has a representative attend all regularly scheduled Spartan Booster Club Board meetings.

Article IV Governance


Section 1: The affairs of the Spartan Booster Club will be managed by the Board of Directors, consisting of the elected officers and the chairperson of each standing committee.

Section 2: The officers shall be elected annually at the April meeting. The term for each Officer shall be a one-year period commencing at the May/June meeting prior to the next school year. No individual may be elected to the same position for more than four (4) consecutive one-year terms.

Section 3: The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the general supervision of the affairs of the organization and shall:

  1. Transact all Spartan Booster Club business;
  2. Define the scope and purpose of each of the standing committees and special committees;
  3. Monitor the activities of all committees;
  4. Provide for an annual audit of the Spartan Booster Club’s financial position and report to the Board of Directors, and to the Director of Student Activities; and
  5. Fill any vacancies of the Board of Directors which occur, if deemed necessary by the



Section 4: The Director of Student Activities of West Springfield High School shall serve as ex officio member of the Board of Directors but will be a non-voting member.

Section 5: The Board of Directors shall hold at least six periodic meetings between August and June of each school year.

Section 6: A quorum of one third of the Board members is required to conduct business of the Club (exclusive of the West Springfield High School Director of Student Activities).

Section 7: The officers of the Spartan Booster Club shall be President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 8: If the President is unable to attend a meeting the succession for chairing the meeting will be in the order of Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.


Article V Officers

Section 1: The duties of the Officers of the Spartan Booster Club shall be:

  1. President – The President shall preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors.

He/she shall perform duties as customarily pertain to the office of President, or he/she may be directed to perform by the Board, including the appointment of committee chairpersons and committee members. The President will be the primary point of contact for providing the Director of Student Activities with communications concerning Booster updates and will ensure meetings are scheduled on the school master activities calendar.


  1. Vice President – The Vice President shall have and exercise all the powers and duties of the President during his/her absence or inability to act. He/she shall also act as an assistant to the President and perform duties as he/she is directed.


  1. Secretary – The Secretary shall be the custodian of the permanent records of the Spartan Booster Club and shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the membership and the Board and perform such other duties as may be required by these by-laws or by the Board. The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence of the Spartan Booster Club, and perform such other duties as customarily pertain to the office of the Secretary.


  1. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall collect and have custody of all funds, securities and other assets of the Spartan Booster Club. He/she shall provide and maintain full and complete records of all assets and liabilities and report the financial position of the organizations at regular intervals to the Boar He/she shall establish bank accounts as directed by the Board, make prompt payment for all Spartan Booster Club liabilities and disperse the assets of the Spartan Booster Club consistent with the finances of the organization. Individual account funds shall be dispersed with the approval of the Director of Student Activities. He/she shall perform duties that customarily pertain to the office of Treasurer.


In June, the Treasurer shall deliver to the Board all records of accounts for turnover. An independent review of the books will be conducted in order to ensure readiness for annual tax filing requirement. As a 501(c)(3) with a Fiscal Year that ends on 30 June the annual filing date is November 15th.

    1. The Board of Directors shall, upon resignation of the Treasurer during the term, select an auditing member or a professional auditor within one week of the resignation. An interim audit shall be performed with fiscal year end auditing procedures and shall be completed within three weeks of the resignation. The interim audit shall not be performed in lieu of the year‐end audit.
    2. The newly elected Treasurer shall not undertake any banking responsibilities of that office apart from depository duties, reconciliation of bank statements, and change of signatory or other clerical not requiring signatory until the audit is presented to the Board of Directors.


Section 2: Resignations - Any officer may resign at any time by giving notice of their resignation to the Spartan Booster Club. A resignation shall take effect at the time specified therein or, if the time when it shall become effective is not specified, immediately upon its receipt; and, unless otherwise specified therein, the acceptance of a resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective.

Section 3: Vacancies - If an office becomes vacant for any reason, the Board may fill the vacancy, and each officer so elected shall serve for the remainder of his or her predecessor's term.

Article VI Nominations/Elections

Section 1: When necessary the President shall appoint a nominating committee in January, consisting of at least three members of the Spartan Booster Club.

Section 2: The nominating committee shall select at least one (1) candidate for each elective office. All nominees must consent to their nomination. The nominating committee shall present the slate of candidates to the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting prior to the election at the April meeting of the Board.

Section 3: Nominations for the Board of Directors may also be made from the floor at the April meeting, provided the nominee is present at the meeting and consents to the nomination.

Section 4: The Spartan Booster Club may elect each officer by acclamation, if there is a single nominee for an office. If there is more than one candidate for an office, the election shall be by ballot, with a majority of votes required for election. If no candidate receives a majority, a second ballot shall be taken between the two candidates receiving the largest number of votes.

Article VII Standing Committees

Section 1: Communications Chair

Shall collect and disseminate all appropriate information about the West Springfield High School athletic program. Such information shall be directed to the school and community through social media accounts and the local news media to create support and enthusiasm for the athletic program and its accomplishments of the school’s athletes and teams. Will also serve as the primary avenue for postings on the ‘Spartan Sports’ web page and will work with the Activities office staff.

Section 2:  Booster Membership/Fundraising Committee

Is responsible for maintaining and coordinating the Booster membership records for the Spartan Booster Club. This includes maintaining and updating the online membership website, distributing Booster spirit wear and assist the Treasurer with the IRS tax-deduction receipts.

Section 3: Spirit Wear Committee/Chair

Shall develop, coordinate and manage the selection of items to be sold to support the Spartan Booster Club. The Spirit Wear chairperson shall recommend to the Board the sale of various items of merchandise designed to raise funds for the organization. The chairperson will manage the sales and inventory of such merchandise.

Section 3: Scholarship Committee

At the end of each school year the Spartan Booster Club may elect to fund scholarship awards for graduating seniors. The number and amount of the awards will be determined by the Board. based upon the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee. This will be established after consideration of the financial requirements needed to meet all budgeted obligations and maintain a sufficient level of cash reserves in the booster account. The Scholarship committee shall convene a panel to review applications of no less than three people.

Scholarship Options

2 scholarships @ $2000 each: 3 scholarships @1500 each; 4 scholarships @ $1000 each

2 scholarships @ $1000 each, 3 scholarships @ $1500 each

The Spartan Booster Club Scholarship Award (Rob Benton & Ron Tugwell Scholarship) is intended to recognize the efforts of students who support the programs listed below at West Springfield High School. The basis of the award is the contribution to a specific program; these may include, but are not necessarily limited to athletes, performers, managers, trainers, statisticians, and videographers.




Outdoor Track










Cross Country





Indoor Track



Field Hockey

One Act Play





There is no requirement to demonstrate financial need in applying for a Spartan Booster Club Scholarship. Minimum GPA 2.0

Assuming a sufficiency of candidates, the Board will attempt to distribute the awards equally based upon gender. The winning candidates will be obligated to complete a scholarship finance form and the amount awarded will be sent to the financial office of the institution they attend. In the event the individual does not attend college the award will be revoked.

Section 4:  Senior Graduation Celebration Committee

Responsible for organizing and coordinating the planning and implementation of all activities associated with the Graduation Celebration.  This includes being responsible for developing and managing fund raising projects.  The Committee Chair for the Graduation Celebration shall work closely with the Treasurer in regard to funds raised.

Article VIII General Provisions

Section 1: Spartan Booster Club Year - Shall begin on the 1st day of July and end on the 30th day of June the ensuing year. The newly elected Officers and Board of Directors shall meet and constitute itself prior to that date.

Section 2: Financial:

  1. The Spartan Booster Club Board of Directors shall not incur a financial debt in the

name of the Spartan Booster Club;

  1. All funds of the Spartan Booster Club shall be deposited in such qualified depository

as the Board of Directors may designate and shall be deposited within one week of receipt;

  1. All disbursements of funds shall be made by check signed by the Treasurer. The Board of Directors may establish a petty cash fund, not to exceed $150.00, for incidental expenses and change for spirit wear sales; and

d.   No part of the funds of the Spartan Booster Club may be used for the personal and

private benefit of any member or members of the Spartan Booster Club.


Section 3: By-Law Amendment - These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds affirmative vote of those Regular Memberships voting at a regularly scheduled or special meeting of the Board of Directors provided that a draft of the proposed amendment has been provided to the Board of Directors prior to the scheduled meeting.

Section 4: Copies of the organizational papers of the Spartan Booster Club, its by-laws, and membership books of the Spartan Booster Club shall be preserved in a place of safekeeping. Returns of elections and proceedings/minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors, shall be recorded, disseminated electronically to the Board members and committee chairpersons. Minutes and by-laws should be posted on the West Springfield Spartan Sports website, or follow-on medium for general consumption by all West Springfield High School.

Section 5: The members of the Board shall not be held personally liable for the obligations of the corporation, and shall not be liable in damages to the Spartan Booster Club for injury which may result from the fulfillment of the directors’ duties when they perform the duties of their position in good faith and with that degree of diligence, care and skill which ordinarily prudent persons would exercise under similar circumstances.

Section 6: Dissolution - Dissolution may be proposed by a motion from the floor and duly seconded at any meeting of the Board of Directors. A two-thirds affirmative vote of the Board of Directors present, including proxies, will make dissolution effective 60 days from that date.

Section 7: Dissolution Procedure - While the establishment of the Spartan Booster Club is intended to be of indefinite continuity, in the event of dissolution, as provided in ARTICLE VIII, Section 6, all outstanding obligations will be met and all remaining assets in both cash and property will be conveyed under the direction of the Board of Directors to the West Springfield High School Athletic Department.

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